I`m a Comic Geek, Toys Collector, Artist, and just a simple man with million dreams in my brain..
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This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, And 100% reason to remember the name. Morning glory.. at Gorilla Machines Studio – Preview it on Path.

Just create Step by step for my character design artwork, hope it`s can help :)

1. Sketching

2. Lining your sketch

3. Colored this with gradation, and everything you need

4. Adding some detail like texture and pattern

5. Adding shadow 

6. And last .. adding lighting on some part with overlay layer

And almost DONE :)

Morning Doodling …

New stuff… New spirit – View on Path.

"We are not satisfied. We are hungry.

Hungry for the visceral.

We are not heroes or anti heroes.
We carry only the flag that is our own.
Now is not the time to look back to see if anyone is following.
Now is the time to change forward into the unknown.”

The Hunting party


Urbance artbook coming this summer! @feerikart @flauguy @123klan @sebastienlarroude #steambot #urbance #art #wow #artbook #japan #animation #hiphop #pharrellwilliams #graffiti #asian #japan #urbancity #kenzell #lesya #wtf #conceptart

Sugeng makarya kanggo sederek sedaya … :)

My latest work for “Jay Wendell Walker Stand Up Comedy Show”, Seattle WA

Check for detailed event here —> https://www.facebook.com/events/629105963850312/

Beberapa illustrasi random buat @Sketch_Dailies … just for fun, sambil latihan ningkatin skill di sela kerjaan

Artwork by me


Back in the time ! Here is my very first comics series, “The Tikitis”(2006-2009) It was part of the “Lucha Libre” universe with the “Luchadores 5”by Bill and “Tequila” by Gobi, my pals from Catfish deluxe. All of the comics were written by Jerry Frissen.

The Tikitis is a comics series about retired Luchadores living in a pacific island. Zombies, cyclop, mermaids, parents, skeletons, brain exchange, seduction, Zeus, submarines, tough friendship… everything’s in it !

I had a lot of fun doing it, and even if it’s not perfect (far from it) I enjoyed reading it these last days !

And the whole series (3 albums) is available in one book :

In English:(here), and in Spanish: (here)

Must Have !